Monday, July 21st, 2008

Well, my wonderful wife, Toree is going under the knife Tuesday morning.  A whirlwind of events have brought us to this moment.

About 2 months ago, Toree had a sinus infection, she went to her general practitioner doctor.  The doctor felt her thyroid and ‘thought’ it felt enlarged.  She recommended that Toree get an ultrasound on her thyroid.  Well the ultrasound came back with a result of a .9mm tumor(or nodule which is a much better word) in the right lobe of her thyroid.

She then had it biopsied and the results determined that the nodule is a follicular neoplasm.  These can be benign or cancerous.  The unfortunate thing is that they cannot be determined if it are cancerous or benign without removing it and dissecting the nodule.

A couple of hopeful things.  There is an 80% chance that the tumor is benign.  The nodule is very small and if cancerous has good treatment options.  But surgery is scary and the potential cancer is scary. Especially since both Toree’s parents have died from colon cancer.

We are praying that the nodule is benign, this way the other side of her thyroid can provide enough thyroid for her not to have to go on any medication.

So she goes into surgery at 9am on Tuesday morning.  Your prayers are appreciated.  The Lord has done much in Toree’s heart to prepare her for the surgery.  She is feeling protected in her Father’s loving care and taking every moment as being sacred.

I will keep you updated on the results which we will receive in a few days after the surgery.

Yes I admit it, the Espy Awards make me cry.  No it was not Justin Timberlake that made me want to cry. (although he was hilarious and was killing it with all his jokes and antics).  It is those doggone year in sports montages.  Something about the music, the memories, the magic that gets all rolled into one.  But I recognize that when the triumphal music combines with the images of victory and anguish, pain and grit, yearning and realization, that something happens deep inside of me.  Something in me is awoken.  Something in me is stirred.  I feel like I am being turned inside out.  My inner longings are being met.  And I realized this, that those moments are about…


dreams being fulfilled.

dreams being lived.

And that wrecks me.  It conjures up all sorts of hopes and dreams that lie in me, some dreams that are dormant, some dreams that have been crushed and some that are blossoming into new life.

These images cause me to want to dream again.  To dream farther, to dream deeper, to dream dangerously, in the hope that one day my dream will become a reality.

Cause without our dreams what are we?  Skin jobs who fulfill the duties of the lives that we are given.  Dreams say I will live beyond my means today and make life meaningful.

So the question is what is your dream?  What is my dream?

And what are we doing about it?