My name is Kevin Hiebert. I live in Vancouver, WA a surban hamlet of Portland, OR. I am part of a group of Christians who have decided to recalibrate their compass with Jesus Christ as North.  This is causing me to live in relation to the world around me in a very upside down and inside out kind of way.

I live in intentional community with these ‘re-calibrated’ folks as we discover and journey together discover what it means to live unto Jesus Christ in all things.

With Christ as my new compass I am finding it difficult to navigate in this world according to the roads, maps and directions it gives me. But I am discovering that His Life is the richest when I am drawn off my well worn highways and He draws me down the overgrown path into a rich sunset.

So out of the desert and into the Sun…

9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. DM Says:

    I came across your blog because I’m subscribed to the tag “house church” on my wordpress dashboard….so tell me more about what “living in intentional community” looks like for you guys…we “lived in community” ourselves for 5 years in New Jersey from 1985-1990 …would love to compare notes.

  2. outofthedesert Says:

    Wow, that is a great question. I like the question because it does not ask what I would LIKE intentional community to look like. Let me try to describe what I see through my filter and lens. As far as our make up we are a group with about 25 adults and 25 kids. We range in age from 8 months to about 70 with every demographic represented in between. Most of us livel in the same neighborhood in about a 3 block radius. There are several family who do not live in the neighbourhood. We all live in modest individual homes.

    The practice of why we live in intentional community is based on the realization that the Christian life was not meant to lived alone. Nor was the Christian life meant to be something we experienced one a weekly basis. In reality we still struggle with making these hopes a practical reality in our lives. We have our successes, but also many failures. But we are okay with failure.

    We are chasing after Jesus with all we have. He continues to surprise me which keeps me in suspended wonderment. I’d love to hear about your experience with community.

  3. DM Says:

    Hey Kevin, I saw your reply…ready for a small book? (Honestly, I could write you a book in reply to this question, but since I’ve already written two, I’ll try to keep it short. As a younger Christian in the early-mid 1980’s when I would read the book of Acts I remember thinking…why isn’t there more of what I was reading about in today’s church? I’d catch tiny glimpses of it (the level of fellowship for example) at retreats, but after the retreat it was back to the traditional shallowness of church…then in 1985, our family packed up our lives and moved to the East coast for me to pursue training for ministry, a small non-denominational Bible Church offered us temporary housing in their missionaries on furlough quarters..with the understanding it would only be for a year….we had our own appartment but did share the kitchen w/ 2 other families @ one point, we ended up staying 5 years instead of just 1 so we found a house to rent locally….Kevin, God slaked my thirst for relationship/fellowship…and all of the other “one another’s” you read about in the New Testament church during that time…it was also like a spiritual boot camp for me…the whole experience taught us so many things, planted seeds in our lives that to this day I can point to attitudes, choices, etc. and say…that came from that season in our life. Here is a couple of stories on the blog that came from that season in our life:

  4. Jason Says:

    I need more Kevin in my life.

  5. Mike Cappello Says:

    Kevin – I very much enjoy reading your musing. I still appreciate your humility and sensitivity and imagine that our conversations today would be very different than they were in the past – more substance for sure, but also focused on different things. I hope your wife is well.

  6. Krista Says:

    Wow! Your blog is inspiring! I found it when I did a google search for “undecided voter” because I sort of am too. I was curious about you and am laughing to myself as I read your “About Me” page. You live around the corner from me (not really, but close)….I’m in Portland! Anyway, I find a lot in common with you, so I will definitely return and keep reading. I look forward to your future posts!

  7. Bruce Says:

    Hey Keith found your blog. Glad to see that yo uare blogging. Having been a connoisseur of your fine writing for years……..:) you are a natural blogger.

    I am interested in your journey.


  8. Chuck Cooper Says:

    Great blog! I look forward to keeping up with your writing and your work.

    Chuck Cooper

  9. Wayne Says:

    I, too, feel inspired by your comments as I do Dr. Rohr’s Daily Meditations. Enneagram interpretation has also helped me understand my own self.

    I just came upon your comments “unexpectedly” while searching more works by Dr, Rohr. I am pleasantly stunned!
    There is so much I would like to share.

    Somehow, I think you would understand.

    May God continue blessing you and your family.

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