This poem is actually a several hundred year old Mennonite rendering of the Lord’s Prayer, meant to make it memorizable and recitable in a relevant way.  This has made it’s way to the board at our house.  I especially love the line “Free us, as we free.”.  Reciprocal freedom, not solely individual, nor solely communal but the magical paradox of intertwining of me and us.  Great prayer.  Let is be so.

Abba Father God, Bless your holy name.

Let your reign come now, Let your desires be carried out.

Bring your peace to birth, As in heav’n, so on Earth

Give us bread, daily; Free us, as we free.

When the way is hard, Be our guide and guard.

Your rule, power; and praise Reign supreme, always.


Let it be so.


seeker of truth

follow no path
all paths lead where

truth is here

Poem by E.E. Cummings

This poem is touching something in me. Thought I would share.

Lord help me to realize that where I am is not as important as where I am going. You said, I am with you always. You accept me fully for where I am now, today, in this moment. Thanks.