Although I am a dual citizen this is a shout out to all the cool Canadian things…  Some of which only true Canadians will understand.

So, what do Canadians have to be proud of?

1. Smarties.

2. Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp.

3. The size of our footballs fields and one less down.

4. Baseball is Canadian.

5. Lacrosse is Canadian.

6. Hockey is Canadian.

7. Basketball is Canadian.

8. Apple pie is Canadian.

9. Mr. Dress-up coulda kicked Mr. Rogers butt.

10. Tim Hortons kicks Dunkin’ Donuts butt.

11. In the war of 1812, started by America, Canadians pushed the Americans back…past their ‘White House’. Then we burned it…and most of Washington, under the command of William Lyon McKenzie who was insane and hammered all the time. We got bored because they ran away, so we came home and partied…Go figure..

12. Canada has the largest French population that never surrendered to Germany.

13. We have the largest English population that never ever surrendered or withdrew during any war to anyone, anywhere.

14. Our civil war was a bar fight that lasted a little over an hour.

15. The only person who was arrested in our civil war was an American mercenary, who slept in and missed the whole thing… but showed up just in time to get caught.

16. We knew plaid was cool far before Seattle caught on.

17. The Hudsons Bay Company once owned over 10% of the earth’s surface and is still around as the worlds oldest company.

18. The average dog sled team can kill and devour a full grown human in under 3 minutes.

19. We still know what to do with all the parts of a buffalo. (Ever heard of prairie oysters?)

20. We don’t marry our kin-folk.

21. We invented ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, zambonis, the telephone and short wave radios that save countless lives each year.

22. We ALL have frozen our tongues to something metal and lived to tell about it.

23. A Canadian invented Superman.


24. The handles on our beer cases are big enough to fit your hands with mitts on. OOOoohhhhh Canada!!

Oh yeah… and our elections only take one day.

Happy Canada Day!

So why a blog? Really does the world need another presumptuous voice, spewing more thoughts and opinions into the blog-o-sphere. (this is especially concerning as I needed my spell check to spell “presumptious”)

But yes, and here are the reasons…

1. I am a rationale, emotion stuffing mennonite. It’s not that there are not things going on in me, but the things that are there I’d rather not share. At least out loud. And so in my natural extremism, what a better medium to share my thoughts and feelings than a blog in which anyone can view my inner dialogue. Many of my thoughts/feelings will likely be in a form of roadkill. The problem with ignoring the dead things along the road is that it makes things a lot messier than they need to be.

2. It is setting the stage for my macbook pro. I need reasons to get a macbook. Really good reasons. Every good toy starts with an even greater excuse for getting that toy.

IE. “Honey, if I get a macbook I can spend more time with you since I will be more efficient with work. It will actually be a time saver.” Funny thing is I actually believe this.

3. Because I can. Now I don’t say that as a smart-donkeyed response to the individualism and self rights that possesses much of the western world.

I get to speak in terms of my relation and correlation to this beautiful world. No one has has the oldest son-Canadian-mennonite-bible school-christian and missionary alliance-pentecostal-fundamentalist-ex youth pastor-american-father-2 kids-home inspector-ex capitalist-cell group-house church-emerging church-Jesus centered history that I have. I realize that my life is a map.

4. I need to express. I don’t play music, I’d don’t cook(other than a great eggs and bacon breakfast), I’m not an artist, but I’ve come to realize that I need to express. Something needs to get out of me to make me sane. (BTW, I think that is the same for you, for all of us, we all need to express.)

So there it is.

Out of the desert and into the Sun.