I am on an epic search for the perfect coffee shop. A little background, Vancouver is the younger step sister of Portland, OR. As a true little sister, Vancouver is always trying to keep up with it’s southernly old, more refined and cultured sister, yet never really getting it right. It’s sorta like when the younger sister puts on her makeup “just like her sister” that the over applied eye shadow and bright red lipstick makes her looking like a circus clown who is going to the prom.

So our coffee shops in Vancouver are poor imitations. Call me a coffeshop snob. Maybe I am. The things I can’t stand in coffee shops… I hate refinement. I hate sterile. I hate purposed motif. (did I just define Starbucks???)

So here I am at my now perfect coffee shop in Vancouver. Mon Ami.

They have all the basics that a coffee shop should have friendly staff,  Stumptown coffee, comfortable seats and a steady flow of people.

There is something about it. Something not forced or designed about it. What it is I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the half burnt out string of Christmas lights. Maybe it’s the green pastel wall with the clash of purple. Maybe the kids table that has been written on with crayon or the dead plant in the corner of the store. Maybe even the cracked, distressed concrete floor.

Everything isn’t perfect.

Everything isn’t figured out.

Everything isn’t defined.

It doesn’t have to be.

Cause it just it.

And that makes it feel like a very safe place.

So I have decided. I am going to frequent this coffee shop more.

And sometimes… that will mean I will come here.