“Blessed are the poor in spirit”

This beatitude never sat well with me, or maybe sat with me too long. Sorta like good ole’ corn on the cob. You eat it at dinner and you are still picking pieces out of your teeth days later. Well I think I picked out something else.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit” for they are the Ones who live as though they have nothing to lose.

As I begin to ponder this description of what the Lord’s life is I realize I have no idea what it means to live as though I have nothing to lose.

But one thing I have determined is that living with nothing to lose has to do with position. Were do I stand in relation to things? Do I stand higher or lower?

The Franciscan’s call them selves OFM. Order of the Friars Minor. A modern day translation of this according to Richard Rohr is Brother of the Lower Class. At our last church meeting we were talking living with losing in mind. We talked about what difference it would make if we started signing our names with the designation BLC, Brothers of the Lower Class.

Designations and credentials are all around us. They usually only point in one direction. Upwards, achievement, success, attainment. We see then and use them as sign posts to define the activity of a persons life.

Here are some of the more common; PhD, MD, Pres, CPA, BA, MDiv and my personal favorite is AAMG (Accredited Asset Management Guru. Who doesn’t want to be a guru?)

Funny how these designations and credentials below just haven’t caught on:

PAOW-Poor and on welfare

ATEOMR-At The End Of My Rope

FA-Failed Again

MWIFA-My World is Falling Apart

CTL-Choosing to Lose

PIK-Powerlessness is Key

So I wonder what would happen to our position if we started signing our names with the reality of where we are. BLC and SLC’s, Brothers and sisters of the Lower Class. To identify with Downwards instead of Upwards, Failure instead of achievement, Emptying instead of Attainment, Poverty instead of Success.

Out of our identity will flow all of our identifiable actions.

So I challenge you, the next time you sign your name on your check at the supermarket, add your God given designation, Brothers and Sisters of the Lower Class, BLC’s and SLC’s.


Kevin Hiebert, BLC in training