I admit it.  I am a genuinely undecided voter.  Now that is not to say that I don’t lean in a certain direction, cause I do.  Problem is that I find myself on a political teeter totter, jotting from one side to the next with every youtube montage that I see.  (my real question is why don’t some of the great youtube videos ever make it on tv?)

So in light of this weeks Democratic National Convention I will highlight what I feel is my defining question for each the candidates.  So this week it is John McCain’s turn.  And I have a great youtube that epitomizes my question.

My question is this.  Is John McCain too hawkish?  Does John McCain like war too much?  Will he stomp out evil wherever it pops up and by doing that inflict greater evils on the countries and the greater world that we are meant to be liberating?  Or maybe even the greater questions is, does the world need liberating?  And if it does, to whose definition of liberation shall we be wed to?

So get your popcorn and soda, kick back and watch this short clip…  Tell me your thoughts.

Hope. Def: “A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.”

Hope is such an interesting thing. I clamor for hope. I complain that the news is filled with bad news, depressing situations and general hopelessness. Anyone who looks around can easily fill their can of hopelessness. A small sampling of what I see: The congeniality of the Olympics being disturbed by an oppressed people trying to have a voice, the violence of Darfur and the rather cold shoulder the world gives, that a child dies every 6 seconds due to hunger, the continuing wars that litter our world in Pakistan, Chad, the Mexican drug war, The Gaza Strip, North Niger, Mali, Thailand, Chad, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia and of course Iraq and that I can’t sell a house in Vancouver if my life depended on it!

But maybe, just maybe I am looking but just not seeing. Maybe hope is more like the threads that hold the seams of my clothes together. The threads, so small, so insignificant, so overlooked and yet so important.

So my experiment today. To look for the thread of hope. To look in the corners of life. To look in the common, overlooked and simple places. And see what lies there. Is there Hope that is hidden?